Our Team

We have a creative and skillful team of estheticians, massage therapists, hairdressers, and wellness professionals whose goal is to make your experience at The Spa of Sedona as comfortable as possible. Our team of individuals are dedicated to adding tranquility and self-love time to your life. 


Robin Bailey

Robin is the Spa Owner and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist at The Spa of Sedona. Robin's first experience with Colon Hydrotherapy began in 2005 as a client when she was trying to heal from health issues. Her journey to better health had created a new mindset of reducing the toxic load on the body by eating whole organic foods, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, reducing overall stress, and cleansing the body on a regular basis.  


Darla Bren

Darla has been a hair stylist for 16 years and specializes in Paul Mitchell color and products. She offers unique Keratin hair smoothing services. Additionally, she offers relaxing manicure and pedicure services, including gel polish and gel overlays.

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Rob Helfrick

Rob is a father to a beautiful young daughter, a Jeep tour guide, and also has been doing massage for over 16 years."It's an honor to serve people through the art of massage therapy, I'm well versed in a variety of techniques and styles. I think most people can use a customized approach to their session. I typically work in a very relaxing way, however, I am also very structural and therapeutic at the same time. I've found over the years that massage doesn't have to hurt to be effective. I look forward to serving you."

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Tiffany Umana

Tiffany Umana is a licensed massage therapist from San Francisco but has resided in Sedona for the past 15 years. She studied massage at the Institute of Human Technology here in Sedona, AZ. Throughout her life, she has cultivated her passion for the healing arts and body mechanics in its myriad forms: Energy healing, nutrition, plus a variety of movement practices, most notably, gymnastics, Aikido, belly dancing, and more recently Taiji. She specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, with additional skills in Anma Abdominal Massage. She helps her clients reach deep states of relaxation to enhance the natural healing process. She can also assess how compensatory movement patterns give rise to pain in the body. The result is an ability to help her clients out of pain and educate them into a more ease filled pain-free existence.

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Karina Maluf

Karina is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, even though she has been in the United States for 20 years now. Traveling back to Brazil and eventually to Australia, she started immersing herself into healing modalities with a base in Shamanism.  Settling in Sedona, Arizona,  she became interested in sharing her skills to help people heal. She attended Sedona School of Massage and is a licensed massage therapist and energy worker. Adding to bodywork techniques, she likes to incorporate polarity,  Craniosacral therapy and energy balancing. She is certified in neurolinguistic programming NLP, hypnosis and Timeline therapy. In her energy sessions she uses energy medicine and quantum healing to help the client get back in touch with their higher selves. Learning from major NLP coaches like Robbins, Tad James and Chris Duncan to quantum healing and epigenetic teachers like Dr.Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Greg Bradden and Donna Eden; she caters to each client's wants and needs. Her main focus is to be of service, having the client get the best session they came in for.

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Zachary Budin

Graduating from his massage program at Cuyahoga Community College in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio in 2012, Zac has passionately been pursuing how to connect with people by helping people reconnect with their bodies. As a local artist and massage therapist, Zac channels the same energy of creation used to produce a new piece of art that he does in helping clients create a newly renewed version of themselves. Whether working upon a canvas, or a body, Zac's intention is to connect with people through a shared experience. Zac specializes in Swedish relaxation massages, integrating special techniques drawn from various modalities including cranial sacral, deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy in order to invigorate and empower people’s connections to their bodies and create a deep feeling of total relaxation.
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Being conscious of creating our lives is a co-creative process, when we tap into our Divine energies. We all want to see our lives in Love and Harmony. Bringing loving kindness and compassion to our environment and all who share that bubble. It can be so very important to remember who we are and what we are doing here. Sometimes a way into this powerful growing can come from understanding ourselves through a reading. My readings are an expression of you. No matter what you might think you need to know, your Guides, Teachers, and Soul have a direct message to tell you. My orientation is just that. Let’s discover together. I have been reading Tarot Cards for most of my life. There was a time when I owned a New Age store and yoga studio. My background has deep roots in Buddhism, Hinduism and just plain waking up to the Christ Consciousness we are all a part of.
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Andrea Alejandre

I specialize in deep tissue and sports massage. Although I also do Reiki, cupping, Swedish / relaxation. I graduated from Body Mechanics School of MioTherapy and massage in Vancouver, WA in 2017. I most recently worked a season at the spa at The Ranch at Rock Creek, a 5 star Forbes rated Relais & Châteaux. I’m very intuitive and aim to help people heal.
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Galen Coburn-Amadio

Galen Coburn-Amadio is living her dream in the aesthetician world. She is originally from the East Coast and moved to Arizona 6 years ago. Galen graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Theatre with an emphasis in performance. Galen graduated from Rodger’s Beauty Academy in 2022 where she discovered her love for the beauty industry. She was trained in many services including specialized facials, body treatments, waxing, microdermabrasion, microcurrent, body cavitation, derma planning, lash lift/tint, brow lamination, lash extensions, and much more! Galen is thrilled to be a part of the Spa of Sedona team and continues her passion for making everyone feel confident and comfortable in their own bodies.
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Sheera Rejoice

Sheera Rejoice is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Arizona. She has been living in Flagstaff for 6 years and graduated from The Arizona School of Integrative Studies. She specializes in CranioSacral Therapy, Tuina, Meridian Massage, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Connective Tissue, Swedish, and Sports Massage. Having worked most of her time under a NeuroSurgeon at a Nueromodulatory Center, Sheera has had a tremendous amount of experience working with folks in Chronic Pain and Chronic Stress. She is dedicated to helping transcend blocked energy throughout the body with Somatic Release techniques by restoring balance and harmony to the overall function of the physique. Her approach is an eccentric combination of both Eastern and Western Body Work modalities by tailoring it uniquely to every individual she receives. She will meet you where you are at physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually to give you the best quality treatment.
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Ethan Fuller

Ethan has a strong passion for assisting individuals on their healing journey. After graduating from the Sedona School of Massage studying various relaxation and therapeutic modalities, I have incorporated my background in music and athletics to provide a blend of intuitive energy work and technical bodywork in my sessions. I enjoy exploring each individual's unique situation and creating a customized session for their needs utilizing everything from deep tissue and trigger point therapy to Reiki and shamanic healing techniques.
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Christina Knighten

Christina graduated from Educating Hands School of Massage in 2009, studying therapeutic massage. Her massages are intuitive, relaxing and restorative, offering energetic uplifts and custom sessions using a variety of techniques. She enjoys helping clients reconnect to a sense of stillness in body and mind, allowing for healing on every level. She is also a musician, spending time in creative flow, enjoying the therapeutic nature of sound.
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Christina Mangiante

Hi ! I’m Christina. I am a licensed massage therapist from Connecticut and have been in the Sedona area for just about a year now. I have been providing massage for over six years and enjoy implementing multiple modalities. In addition to massage, I also practice Reiki, Reflexology, Medicinal Aromatherapy, and I am a certified Yoga Instructor. Health and Wellness is more than just your physical body – it’s your energetic connection to your mind, your spirit, and the universe. I feel privileged to be able to assist you in finding your own holistic harmony.
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Kerry Fitzpatrick

My name is Kerry Gayatri Fitzpatrick. Gayatri is my Spiritual name. My name was given to me by my Spiritual teacher 23 years ago. It means the Divine Feminine and bringer of Light. I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner and Holistic Health Practioner. I have been practicing 25+ years in Washington State. I had 2 healing practices and worked with Franciscan Hospice for 14 years as a Comfort Therapist. I am a Medical Intuitive, Practioner of Ayurvedic Medicine , Traditional Chinese Medicine and preventive practices. I am proficient in many types of Massage and Healing Modalities including Biofeedback, Somatic Release, Deep Tissue, Tapping, Ma Om Massage and Meditation, Hand foot head Reflexology, Opening the flow of Chi in the body with Meridian clearing, Female Hormone Balancing through Massage and Herbs. I also do most traditional massage. Relaxation, Swedish,Lomi Lomi, Lymphatic Drainage, Medium and Deep tissue, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Acupressure.
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Karisa Aranda

Hello! My name is Karisa and I am a college graduate with a degree in biomedical science. I am 22 years old, and recently found a passion for helping people improve their health and lifestyles through alternative healing modalities. I do colonics and detox foot baths, and will be training in further methods soon! In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and reading. I would love for you to come to see me at The Spa of Sedona!
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Tara Sky

I am passionate about helping people create a healthful life. I have worked one-on-one with people for over 25 years. I’ve studied many modalities- Japanese Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong, Native American rituals, Shamans of Peru, Buddhist and Hindu meditative practices, and the healing power of touch- massage therapy. I love doing Swedish massage because it is the most relaxing practice. Eighty percent of all disease is due to stress so frequent relaxation massage is very empowering for overall health.  I also do reflexology which has a healing affect to the entire body. Deep tissue is excellent for focusing on specific areas of tension in the body.  I merge all these ancient healing practices into my massage work creating a most extra-ordinary healing experience.

Anna Mercadante

Anna is a high school student who loves all things health, wellness and beauty. She wants to lead a life in the cosmetics industry and has hopes to go to cosmetology school in the near future. She’s here to help you and make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible while you wait for your appointments.